Group Process II Premiering at Confetti Machine – June 2

June 2 -Group Process III will be premiered at Confetti Machine – a festival of Realtime Media being held at Outpost Artists Resources in Queens NY.


(image from Group Process 1)

Group Process III is an extension of the Headgames system, formatted for a configuration of three participant/performers. Through the use of a networked video streaming software, video images can be streamed over a TC/IP network to another computer via the Syphon protocol. Previously this had been extremely difficult and one was only able to pass video frames from two pieces of software on one computer via syphon.  

Based upon artist Paul Ryan’s Threeing process of relationship, three computers are networked establishing a no-input feedback chain between them. The computer in the first position emits a signal which is then processed by the second computer in the chain. The second computer passes the image to the third computer which re-processes the image, and then sends it back to the first computer which composites it on top of its original image. Through the attenuation of the different qualities of the image, ie: brightness, contrast, and internal feedback, the participants must find a balance point in the network where they can exist harmoniously. The tension as the participants try to switch between formations provides a counterpoint to the points of balance that they find in the energetic circuit.

Each video image is sonified on each computer, creating an aural and visual point of interest for the performers and the audience.